SFELC understands that 2 year olds want to be independent. They want to explore, touch and mimic their peers and teachers. We took all of this into consideration when developing a curriculum.

Language Arts and LiteracyWhen they are two years old, children are constantly practicing and increasing their vocabularies. We create ample opportunities for them to sing, chant and participate in finger plays. 

Mathematics: Teachers engage children in counting and identifying numerals. They also encourage activities that will help children build one-on-one correspondence, recognize shapes and measure various items with standard (ruler, tape measure and thermometer) and non-standard (paper clips and foot prints) measuring devices.

Science: Children are natural explorers and there is so much to learn! At SFELC children are given the opportunity to investigate items that float and sink in the water table and search for buried treasures in the sand table. SFELC teachers help children recognize the parts of the human body. They discuss the difference between people, animals and plants. Children also learn about the weather, seasons and how things work.

Social and Emotional Development: SFELC helps children build their independence. This is a vital time for children to interact and play alongside their peers and to begin learning how to solve problems effectively. Your child will love pretending and playing with other children in our dramatic play center. 

Gross and Fine Motor Development: Children’s independence continues to develop as they practice their motor skills. Their fine motor skills are enhanced by learning to feed themselves with forks and spoons during our family style meals. They also practice writing, using scissors and completing puzzles. The learning continues when their gross motor skills are heightened by playing on our age-appropriate playgrounds. They are able to run and climb outside, jump and walk backwards, and throw and kick a ball. Children also love to dance and have fun with the many musical activities incorporated into SFELC’s daily routines.

Character Education: At SFELC we believe it is important to introduce children to a wide variety of character traits. Each month we focus on a positive value, such as honesty, generosity or patience, to help children better understand the society we live in and to help them develop into caring adults.

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"If a child can not learn in the way we teach, we must teach in a way the child can learn." 

-Mr. Rogers