The SFELC philosophy is to provide nothing less than the finest possible environment for the education and development of young children. Our highest priority is on the development of self-esteem, confidence and a love of learning. The educational goal is to utilize fun and creativity to foster a love of learning, an attitude of inquiry and discovery and a sense of confidence in the child's ability to master new situations or tasks.

The importance of personality and emotional growth also cannot be overstated. The children are taught verbal labels for feelings and are helped to explore their feelings in small group discussions and story hours. Development of positive self-esteem is the cornerstone of healthy emotional development and our program is designed to provide many opportunities for personal accomplishment and enhancement of the self-concept. Our carefully planned and supervised physical activities assure proper development of fine and gross motor skills as well as strength and coordination. Social skill development is emphasized throughout all of SFELC Programs.

St. Francis Early Learning Center offers peace of mind to parents from varied backgrounds, with one common denominator--the daily need for quality childcare.

Child Safety


All classrooms and the hallway in the St. Francis Early Learning Center building as well as all outdoor play areas are monitored by closed circuit security cameras for your child’s protection and ours. Doors to the Early Learning Center are locked at all times.  The main entrance can only be accessed once the buzzer / camera has been activated and the director / assistant director electronically unlocks the door for you to gain access to the building.

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